In order to enjoy the best results, you should carefully plan your Dianabol cycle round the components that you have on hand. Aside from Dianabol, based upon the length of your cycle, you will need to supplement with testosterone and an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex. You will also need to have a solid understanding of the proper Dianabol doses before you attempt your first cycle.

How to Take Dianabol

Dianabol-CyclesDianabol is available in both injectable and oral forms, though the oral tablet is the most readily available and the go-to for most athletes. The compound’s half-life is between three and four hours, so you can decide whether to take the entire dose all at once or split it up into two, three, or even four doses to maintain a more stable blood concentration. Although taking it all at once provides the most noticeable rush and energy boost, splitting it up reduces the likelihood of stomach upset and blood pressure spikes. What’s more, ingesting a dose of more than 25mg all at once puts more strain on the liver.

Cycle Dosage

A Dianabol cycle dosage varies from person to person, so it is important for you to discover your tolerance. A handful of people get results with doses as low as 10mg, but the most common dose is between 30mg and 40mg per day. The maximum amount you should take each day is 50mg. You should use Dianabol no more than four to eight weeks in a row, and the larger the daily dose, the shorter the period you should use it. As an example, a 25mg dose is safe for up to eight weeks. Conversely, a 50mg dose is safe for only four. Remember to leave at least eight weeks between Dianabol cycles, too, in order to prevent liver damage and other harmful side effects.

Other Components of a Dianabol Cycle

Experienced athletes rarely use Dianabol alone in a cycle; rather, it boots gains at the start of a cycle in which another compound is the “base”. As such, once you have determined your tolerance level, it is safe to start pairing Dianabol with other anabolic steroids. Take your Dianabol dose for the first four to six weeks depending on dose size, and then switch to another anabolic steroid such as Trenbolone or Deca Durabolin. Be sure to take a testosterone supplement throughout the cycle to prevent side effects associated with low testosterone, and utilize an aromatase inhibitor to slow the conversion of Dianabol into estrogen, which also produces side effects.

Building the Perfect Cycle

There are several examples of Dianabol cycles available on the web today, but it is important to remember that no one cycle will fit everyone’s needs perfectly. If you are new to Dianabol, it is wise to find a beginner’s cycle that consists of Dianabol paired with a form of testosterone and lasts only six to eight weeks. Once you are more advanced, you can begin adding in other components, whether you choose a second anabolic steroid or human growth hormone, HGH, which many athletes take in addition to their Dianabol cycles.

In conclusion, keep in mind that taking more Dianabol than recommended during your cycle – or taking it for longer than eight weeks – does not produce any additional benefit. Most users find that they plateau at 50mg or at eight weeks, so continuing to use it only increases your chances of experiencing negative side effects.